Mens Waterproof Army Outdoors Jacket
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Mens Waterproof Multi-purpose Army Outdoors Jacket
Fabric material: Spandex, PU, Flannelette

  • Extreme high quality classic outdoor sport wear especially designed for warmth, wind and water
  • Made of three layers of composite material surface 100D4 spandex. Middle-layer is made of waterproof and breathable materials, 10000mm index (8000g/square meters/d index layer).
  • Compound cold-proof fine flannelette wind, soft shell classic.
  • Waterproof technology. Keeps you dry from snow and rain.
  • Windproof technology. Keeps you warm with breathable material
  • Solar UV Technology
  • Low Temperature technology. Keeping you warm in cold temperatures
  • Great for outdoor activities including hiking, hunting, camping, rafting


Size available:  XS, S, M, L


Colors Available: Black, Army Green, Dark Gray, CP camouflage, ACU camouflage



Shipping Charges: $12.95/piece





  • Item #: CLAM767993E

Mens Waterproof Army Outdoors Jacket

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