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This season starts the beginning of buying new clothes and laundry season, that time of year where multiple layers of clothing, long sleeved, sweatshirts and so on means doing laundry more times a week.  Summer is easy, once a week, tops.  But that’s the deal, there are just some things you can’t avoid, so you might as well look good and feel good in the clothes you're wearing since you’re going to be filling the hamper at the end of the day anyway.  Our onsite sales prices will take the sting out of putting your clothes in the washing machine ‘cause you’ll be wearing your style and saving money


Time is also money, so we save you that by putting our best price along with the retail price right up front on each product page so you can see your savings.  It’s tough to enter a code when you’re working your device with one hand.  Since over 80% of our Customers buy from their devices, the rest reap the no code needed to save $$'s benefit.  Joining our Members Club gets you 10% off your first order and weekly Special Offers, but other than that you get the best price right on our Site, no FOMO.


You need to look good, look you and be in season.  We have a lot of Customers with many different tastes.  We want the men and women that shop with us to have a full range of choices to make on how they want to look when they walk out of their door.  We also want to give them a chance to update their wardrobes whenever the mood hits so we always have new clothes coming in, it’s a reason to keep you checking back in, and saving more money….  😊


As always, all comments welcome, we want to offer what you like!  Just email us at support@amtify.com or msg us on fb and let's chat!

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