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A V-Neck Or Crew Neck Sweater Belong In Your Clothing Mix

As sweaters are three season clothing you’ll get a lot of use out of them, and as three season clothing you’ll want a variety of them in neck line, color and design.  The good part is they’re made to be worn layered over a mix of shirts, tops and t’s, or under a blazer or jacket, offering a mix of looks that won’t go stale.


The v-neck or crew neck add coziness and depth to an outfit.  Their styles and colors add to the reason they’re on the shopping list.  Worn alone or with a ‘t or collared shirt, look for nice patterns in interesting colors as they become the focal point of your look.  Under a blazer or jacket probably calls for a less busy look, but it can still have some background color to make it interesting. 


So the difference?  Well, the crew neck is more the whole upper outfit.  Even with a shirt under it, collared or not, the pattern, colors and neck line will control the look.  The v-neck is a different animal.  What you do or don’t wear under it shows - so that shirt, ‘t or nothing becomes more a part of the overall outfit than the crew neck.  Both have clean lines and a statement look.  And you can decide each day what statement you feel like making. 


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