Coupons or No Coupons - That's the Chat

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It's funny, the stats say we’all buy on price, brand isn’t important, we like and search for coupons, and we don’t like wasting time.  Doesn’t fit.  No need to search for coupons when we know we can go to one store and get their best price.  Anyone look for coupons when they go to the Dollar Store?  How about Marshall’s?  No coupons. 

Stat’s say over 70% of us search for a coupon before making an online purchase and that it takes 20 minutes a buy to search.  Really?  If you do 5 searches a week at 20 mins per, that’s over an hour and half a week.  Everyone likes a good price but why spend more time looking for coupons than deciding on what we want to buy.


It’s important to stay woke, so we get the searching for special deals, we just don’t get the time it takes against doing other stuff.  We also know we like to go to a store to buy something without stressing about there being a better deal somewhere else.  At amtify no FOMO.  You won’t get better prices for our clothes, and you’ll get more time to hang with fam, learn about stuff, work out or just relax. 

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