Do the Clothes make the Person or does the Person make the Clothes?

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TBH, we think this is an easy one, the person decides what clothes they wear and they buy what they like, not what they’re told to like, so the Person makes the Clothes.

We wear what we want, the styles we want and the look we want. The OOTD is our choice.  Amtify fills the shelves in our store with an assortment of style choices so our customers have plenty to look through to find what they want or to even sometimes try something new, just because.  

Summer is the best for that.  You can go from savage to extra, all up to you, all available from us.  Each day is different and when you start the day or go out at night choice is fun and since summer clothes are less bulky they don’t clog the drawers and closets…

Get brave, do something different just for the shock value looks you’ll get from friends, family and co-workers. 

YOLO, go for it!

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