Fall is here, it’s getting chilly. No, wait, it’s warm now. No, it’s chilly!

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Make Your Outer Layer Weatherproof.  Autumn isn’t only cool and then warm, it’s wet and then dry.  So trench coats and waterproof jackets should be near the top of your list of clothing priorities.  Trenches still show that classic look and they come in a whole slew of new styles and colors.  Also take advantage of the bomber jackets and trendy zip up jackets that give you a fun, casual, grab it on the way out the door look.   


Pick up a top shirt or a hoodie that does double duty.  The benchmark layer when the weather swings, this is the something that can be worn over a t-shirt or top and become the coat and jacket or even the insulating layer between you and that coat or jacket.  Versatile and adaptable, it’s a prereq for your Fall wardrobe.


You don’t have to escape from color but your colors should match the season.  The season is changing and that calls for seasonal colors.  Seasonal colors that deliver your look.  Bright and bold becomes more earthy and relevant to the backdrop.  Fall is layering season and that gives you the go ahead to combine a bunch of colors to show yourself, piece by piece, through your transitional wardrobe.


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