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You can spend 175 bucks on a sweater, but no one will know that unless it has some expensive company’s name on it, or, if you leave the price tag hanging out.  You won’t see a jacket with “amtify” on it, you won’t see a hoodie with “Walmart” on it, you won’t see a cardigan with “Target” on it and you won’t see a blazer with “Aldi” on it, but those are all stores where you’ll get nice clothes, in-fashion clothes, all the trends, all the looks, and all at fair prices.  Whether it’s hitting the local spots after work looking and impressing in the style you sport, or taking your family out for dinner, dressing comfortably and sharp, no one will know where those extra dollars came from, but you’ll be enjoying them!    


Names and logos don’t really signify an elevated level of taste or style, but instead they signify the status you want them to display.  Basically, all wearing a large logo says is that you’ve spent a lot of money on the cardigan or were marketed into doing it.  Labels send a message, and so do no labels.  Nice clothes with no labels are just looked at as nice clothes that you look good in.  No label and nice clothes also make you realize that you’re smart enough to know where money should be spent and where it’s a waste to spend it.  Fiscally responsible is not a bad thing, and with four seasons to buy for, it’s a smart thing. 


Regardless of cost or brand, the clothes you wear do reflect on you, the mood you’re in when you buy, when you get dressed, the way you enjoy things and the style in which you want to be seen in any particular setting.  It’s not about labels and names, it’s about enjoying the way you dress and being comfortable with that.  Buying smart makes you a superhero with the power to set you own fashion rules, and what you think it make sense to spend on clothes. 


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