Getting Reviews - Part 2

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So we put out a Blog on this before and we’re still confused - that’s why “Getting Reviews - Part 2”.  Maybe it should be “Why Get Reviews”.  The experts say reviews are really important, that they’re valued as much as a friends recommendation, that friends recommendations are the number 1 purchase influencer, and by extension, reviews are a top purchase influencer.  We want to challenge that.  Hearing from your friends is important, but reviews?  Not so much.  What’s the basis for our challenge?  We think people that are happy with where they buy their clothes buy their clothes there, they do tell their friends, but they do it by sharing a shirt, blouse, blazer or dress on Instagram, facebook or even in a conversation, but they don’t do it by writing reviews. 


You’re wrong said the experts!  So off we went into the world of review collecting to get Customers to talk about our Company and our line of men’s and women’s clothing.  We hired a well-known and respected company and installed their app to solicit reviews from a large bunch of Customers to build up our review numbers and get people to love us.  We sent out thousands of requests and got a total of 25 reviews.  Hundreds of them were sent to Customers right after they received their clothes and still, nothing.  On FB, where we have 66K followers, at last count we had a total of 22 reviews, (14 of them 4 & 5*’s...).  


So here’s our theory.  For the most part "if everything's been good" Customers don’t bother submitting reviews, which makes sense, why would they, they’re happy.  Reviews do come from Customers that had issues, but in most of those they talk about how well we took care of them.  So we’re not going to worry about reviews anymore, we’re just going to keep focusing on offering our Customers “Great Clothes at Great Prices™", backed by treating our Customers the way we would like to treated - always fairly.  That's our mantra and we think we’ll keep following it.


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