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How do we come up with the price we pay to buy something?  From a Harley to a lightweight jacket, nice shirt or slick blazer the process is kind of the same.  There’s the price the seller pays the manufacturer for the jacket, there’s the infamous MSRP, then there’s the price the seller lists the jacket for, and then there’s the price the buyer actually pays for the jacket.  You know, the GREAT DEALS, 90% OFF, FINAL PRICE! All that stuff.  (We want to know why that if they can sell the t-shirt at 90% off, they don't just charge that price in the first place??)


Here’s our answer.  We’ve been marketed and Social Media’d into believing “Super Clothing Discounts” are actually discounts.  Our world has lived around discount codes and free shipping for so long that we’re missing the reality.  We actually had a comment from a customer that he would rather pay more for a shirt and get free shipping than less and pay for shipping.  Yeah, we know, makes no sense.


Good quality clothing costs what it costs and has to sell at a fair price.  It has to make the Customer happy so they'll come back to and tell their friends about the store and, it has to keep the store in business.  Our solution to coupon overload is to put the list price and our price right up front on the product's page.  No games, no 90% off and ship for free gimmicks.  As always, knowing what matters most to our customer matters most to us, and low prices and good clothes are what matter to them.  That said we’re trying something that’s hard - changing people’s mindset to practice value buying from the start, not spending time looking for coupons and discounts to pay the right price.  It's a contranorm.  (Yes we made that word up...)  


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