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So how can you possibly mine the vast fields of clothing looks to dig up what speaks to you, that makes you feel comfortable and confident in any situation?  It would be self-serving to say check out amtify, but this is our blog, so we have NP doing that.  We’ve worked hard to round up a huge range of top street style clothes trends to match multiple tastes, looks, and budgets.  You have your look, amtify has the men’s and women’s blazer, jacket, sweater and whatever to help you look the way you want to look. 


We get a big kick out of the challenge of hitting so many different clothing styles and filling a ton of different tastes.  Street, colorful, staid, classic, traditional, work, home, hanging, evening out, work to evening out, all the different zones your life is made up of.  Our supply chain lets you define the trends you’d like most in a world of constantly changing trends.  We throw dimes, look for new styles and change in a step to throw a new perfect dime, all at prices that respect your budget. 


And then let’s talk about the deep well of Fast Fashion.  You don’t need new clothes every time the fashion deities say there’s a new “in” thing.  You need to think Slow Fashion, build your wardrobe with clothes that represent you, suitable for the occasions, and add as wanted.  But yes, you can wear the same jackets or sweaters, or same shirts and tops for more than one season.  amtify Customers get the newest trends, in a great variety of styles and flavors, and clothes that add to your closet and make it complete.


Please let us know what you think!  We want to make us better for you! Email us at

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