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One of the things that every guy has to own is a button down shirt.  Short sleeved and long sleeved, with choices of colors and patterns that let you express yourself.  Button downs always look good, at work and after, tucked and un-tucked, and with just about everything.  Long sleeved shirts are year round, short sleeved, depending where you live, aren’t, but they’re great when you need to look clear-cut in the heat.  With a blazer over you’ll be pro trendy and feel it.  



Talking about blazers, summer and fall need colors, patterns, stripes and solids, jackets that let you show who you are.  You can be versatile with a nice gray, charcoal or dark blazer or have some fun with colors and styles.  They can all be worn anywhere, but the bright colors and cool patterns may not be the best for an interview, depending on the company you’re talking to…  A blazer can go over a button down, T or polo, you always get to set your style.



Denim has been trendy for ages and will always be trendy and every guy needs to make denim a part of their wardrobe.  Whether it’s a rugged, versatile jacket or vest for the warmer months, denim jackets and vests are an underrated winter layer too. Light blue, dark blue, black, distressed or not, denim vests and jackets with a t, polo or button down will have you looking amazing all year round. 



LEATHER?  How about PLEATHER! The leather look is a must.  Rebellious and edgey, every guy should own a leather jacket.  No need to wear animal, faux leather is perfect and tells people you know what to wear.  From moto jackets to bomber jackets it’s an awesome look that shows your personality and never gets old.  With jeans or slacks, over t’s, polo’s or button downs, the combinations are endless. 


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