So, Online Stores vs Retail Stores - a/k/a Devices vs Bricks

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Uber’s not here to replace car ownership (that’ll be self-driving cars), We’re not here to replace touch, feel and try on clothing sales.  We’re here because people buy clothes online and we want to make that a good experience for them.  We’re here to serve our Customers, people that know what they like, want to check out a nice variety of good clothes at good prices, and like to comparison shop.  We provide the site to site clothes shopping experience piece, not the parking spot to parking spot experience piece.

Store Advantage:

Brick and mortar storing is a touch and feel experience.  It puts people in a frame of mind they just can’t get from a device.  People still enjoy window shopping, seeing, touching and trying on clothes before they buy them.  It’s a social experience that lets us share time with friends and share opinions on how the dress looks or the shirt fits.  That doesn’t even include the instant satisfaction you get from taking the clothes home with you. 


ecommerce Advantage:

ecommerce is certainly not touch, but it’s feel for clothing styles and fashions.  More importantly, (especially for us :-), social media, through Pinterest, Instagram and other apps invented every day, lets us instantly share what men’s or women’s clothes we saw and where, what blazer or skirt we liked or bought, including pictures to get a bunch of friends opinions all in real time.  This doesn’t even include the simplicity of and time saved by clothes browsing from site to site rather than going from store to store.  Time is time, and less time shopping can be used to get other things done, whether it’s an extra chore, a nap, or some time on Horizon Zero Dawn or Super Mario Odyssey.

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