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Spring is layers.  In the morning, you just don’t know what the day will bring.  Cool breezes, the warmth of the sun outside, the cool of the a/c inside, the cool of the evening.  You want to be dressed prepared to enjoy and be comfortable in all that is Spring, just what outer jackets, vests and blazers are made for.  A light jacket, easy denim vest, trendy blazer, cardigan or lightweight sweater fits right in with the season and adds depth to your look. 


T’s and short sleeved tops.  Spring may not be very hot, but t’s and tops are the wardrobe workhorses for two season’s worth of clothes.  They’re the perfect layer to wear under a long sleeve shirt or light jacket, covering the day from leaving in the morning to coming home at night.  Then they become part of your summer look all by themselves when hot comes in to visit.  Kind of a two for the price of one deal.


Get brave. In 2019 let your inner you do more of the talking.   A shirt says a lot about you, let it say it, in fact let it start the conversation. Shirts with bold prints are fun and confident.  In Spring go floral.  You are allowed and we have a store full of long and short sleeved shirts to fill your closet and show how you’re feeling.


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