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I was talking to my grandmother last week and she’s an on-line shopper that searches for coupons to get discounts.  She told me she remembered her mother telling her about saving Green Stamps.  You got them when you bought something and then you licked the stamps to paste them in little books and then brought the little books to the store and got stuff for them.  The more books the more stuff you got.


Almost 70% of our customers buy from their devices.  I buy almost only using my device.  I don’t like the extra steps and time it takes to remember, enter and use the codes so a lot of the time I just skip them.  It’s almost like they’re offered to bring you into their store but since it’s harder they’re hoping you’ll buy without using them.


So like Green Stamps went the way of flip-phones we think it’s time to move on from coupons.  Yeah we’ll run sales and yeah we’ll do promo’s but you’ll find our best prices up front on the site and get those prices without having to take the time and effort to enter codes.  One less thing to do.

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  • Yes! Move on from coupons! Coupons don’t dictate my shopping. Good products dictate my shopping. I’m not motivated to look for something just because I have a coupon. I appreciate having low upfront prices and not having to scour the internet for a coupon. I’d rather spend that time looking for more cool stuff to buy.

    Sam P on
  • Hi Linda -Thanks for taking the time to read and respond! We love input, makes us better.

    The reality is we understand people will still use coupons, and we offer a lot of them, on our own and through various sites that offer them. Joining our Members Club starts off with a 10% discount code, and also provides weekly emails with all kind of offers, from discounts to free shipping promotions. I guess that mean we haven’t completely ruled them out… :-)

    Have a great weekend, thanks again for engaging with us, and we hope to see you in the store soon!

    Amtify on
  • I still look for coupons in addition to sales on-site. I think it’s fun and worth the time. Honestly, if I don’t have the time, I don’t shop or pay the price that’s offered.

    Linda Romano on

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