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So we’re looking for some help here. Good Reviews are really important to shoppers.  Being a boutique kind of clothing store we don’t get a good range of just objective reviews because for the most part they (all 15 of them at last count...) come from people that reached out to us with some kind of problem.  Here’s our challenge - most consumers trust online reviews as much as a friend’s recommendation, and “friends” are the number 1 purchase influencer.  So how can we get our pretty big base of just good steady customers to give us positive reviews without asking them?  Who likes asking people to say nice things about you?




We get everything from we “absolutely s__k” and “terrible experience” to “great shopping experience” and “totally positive, beautiful clothes, awesome support team”.  But again, pretty much all from customers that started with some type of problem.  On that front we can only control what we can control.  We can control treating customers the way we would like to treated - always fairly.  That's our mantra and we think we follow it.




Between FB, twitter, Pinterest and Instagram there’s over 100,000 of y’all out there.  What’re your thoughts?

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