THINK SPRING! It’ll be here as fast as Friday turns into Monday

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Dressing for Spring is a lot like dressing for Fall.  Back to Layers.  Layers for functionality, style and look.  Shirts, dresses, blazers, light coats and jackets all form the layers that make for serious and cheerful clothes.  The key to spring dressing is mixing the spring wear with the cover clothing pieces that keep us warm, and that let us adjust by shedding layers for comfort as the day starts and ends. 


 Then there’s the colors and designs of Spring.  It’s time to build a diverse variety of the fun and cheerful styles that define the season.  The overall trend is towards real clothes that are easy to throw on and go for work, casual and everyday wear without ignoring fun, color and a trendy look.  Spring celebrates individuality and style with a multitude of trends ready to be worn. All you have to do is choose yours…


It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t talk about the definitive spring coat, the absolute classic layering coat, the Trench Coat.  Rain or shine and now in an amazing range of colors and one off styles, the trench trend never goes away.  Convenience and versatility created the trench’s space, growth in its fashion styling's continue to make it an essential piece of men’s and women’s spring wardrobes. Wear it with slacks and a blazer or jeans and a shirt.  The trench is classic because it deserves to be.


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