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We’re in the clothing business because we like that stuff, and because we also know all of us need to be real in what it costs to fill our closets with nice, us comfortable clothes.  Hey, style is style, regardless of the brand or whether you can or want to spend $25 or $500 on a shirt, top, dress or jacket.  Our obsession makes quality fashionable clothes available for all of us. We kind of know that $375 shirt or top isn’t going to make it into the normal closet, so our job is to help you look the way you want and still have that Latte, once, maybe even twice a week.

We’re not here to give style advice, you know what you like, we’re not here to inspire you, dressing the way you want makes you feel good, and that’s a good thing.  Inspire?  That’s a bit much.  We are here to scout out and offer you a choice of high quality fashionable budget-friendly men’s and women’s clothes so we can all look good and dress the way we want to dress, no matter how many of our $$$’s go into our closets. 


 Getting dressed is about looking you.  So, our job is to find as many choices of Men’s and Women’s fashions in a bunch of styles, colors and looks as we can, so you can dress to look you.  Clothes that fit us and clothes that Fit us are two different things.  We want you guys to have it all!




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