What Clothes To Wear When I Wake Up?

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Not such a simple question, lots of variables.  Are you dressing for the day?  Is the weather going to change from morning to afternoon to evening?  Are you starting at work and ending up hanging with friends at your local spot, meeting someone new at a restaurant? 

If you’re getting up and hanging it’s easy.  This time of year is shorts and a T Shirt. Quick to get dressed and cuts down on the size of the load of laundry.  But what about the days you need to dress for work and not for work all in the same outfit.   

Within the past year the denim dress has made a major comeback and is a great “one outfit” for going to work and then play, whether it’s with old friends or new friends.  Perfect for Women is our Sleeveless Denim Dress, trendy, comfortable and stylish for all day dressing. 

And grab this Loose Fit V Neck Top on the way out for the chilly mornings and chilly evenings.


Layers work for men also.  A jacket over a slick shirt not only covers the day to evening dressing thing, but keeps you comfortable in the chilly early day air and the chilly evening air (yes men get chilly, just can’t call it that), and gives you a trendy and fun go to work then go out combination.

Something like this Mens Short Sleeve Oxford Shirt

 Mens Blue Short Sleeve Oxford Shirt

Under this Casual Sports Coat 

 Mens Casual Sports Coat

 Does it all from morning ‘till night.

Just some thoughts.  Any responses?

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  • Would like to return just received order 104919415-1 Sweater is not what I saw online and it is so small only a midget could ware it!

    Gloria Soltes on

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