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Powerful Car Heater and Fan Defroster 12V

Powerful Car Heater and Fan Defroster 12V


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Powerful Car Windshield Defroster Fan. Easy to use car windshield defroster heater and fan, simply plug it in and watch the ice melt away. Also, just for fun, it has an air purifier built right in :)




  • Dual function, heating and cooling natural fan
  • Freshens the air with the air purification feature
  • Low noise
  • Fast heating power 
  • 4 functions- Defrost, Defogging, Heating, Cooling
  • Convenient size allows you to place the device on the center console, in a cup holder or on the dashboard.

Product Color - Red and Black
Material - ABS
Power Outage - 150W to 500W 
Voltage - 12V - 24V (12V version with 150W)
Product Size: approx. 5.91" x 4.33" x 2.95"

Package Includes:
1 - Car Heater

1 - Suction Cup Bracket

1 - Base 

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