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Five Piece Gardening Tool Set

Five Piece Gardening Tool Set


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These are the 5 gardening tools you gotta have if you're gonna garden. Made with high quality aluminum and a rubber handle for grip and comfort. You'll use them all, probably misplace a couple, but that's what we're here for :) 

Each set comes with 5 different tools. 
    • Wide shovel: size Approx. 12" x 2.95"  , weight : 0.3lb
    • Regular shovel: size Approx. 13" x 2.16" , weight 0.3lb, suitable for soil moving, hole digging, and measurement.
    • Three tooth rake: size 11.41" x 2.95"  weight : 0.37lb - suitable for loosening soil, digging pits, and weeding.
    • Drafter: size 11.81" x 2.95" , weight 0.32 lb- suitable for rooting, seedling and transplanting.
    • Three tooth spade: size 11.41" x 2.95" , weight 0.33, suitable for cleaning dead leaves and weeds.
    • Product material: PVC handle, aluminum alloy
    • Product color: yellow 


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