Portable Air Conditioner with Dial Cooling Fan Humidifier

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Onetify HOME brings you this Portable lightweight mini air conditioner humidifier fan, easy to move around from rooms, ideal for office and home.  This mighty, compact air conditioning cooler cools the room by pulling air from the room through its evaporative water filter releasing cool crisp air into the room.   


- Great for humidifying dryer climates.
- Compact, light weight and transportable, wheels for easy maneuvering

- Can be used in any room of the house and office
- Air is sucked in through vents by releasing cool air into the area
- adjustable vents can direct the air to any direction of the room
- It uses a refillable water tank that keeps the air cool 
- Large water tank for continuous use - 4L large-capacity 
- Visible water indicator
- Instructions included for minimal assembly


- Color: Black and White
- Main material: Plastic
- Size: 10''L x 11''Wx 24''H
- Power: 75W
- 3 Speed Options
- Scope of application: 15㎡
- Cooling range:3 Celsius -5 Celsius range
- Weight: 13.5 pounds

Standard 90 days warranty