Non Stick Heat Resistant Silicone Cooking Mat (2 Pcs set)

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High quality heat resistant cooking mat. Made with food grade silicone and heat resistant.  

2 Mats included per order

Non-stick and Dishwasher friendly
Allows food to cook evenly
Bakes food light and crispy
Constructed of food-grade silicone
Can be cut to the exact size you need
Can be rolled up to fit in a drawer or cabinet for easy storage
For use in oven and microwave

Use and Care:
Oven safe to 428 Farenheit degrees /220 Celsius degrees/
Dishwasher safe
Safe for microwave use
Not for stove top use

Material: silicone
Color: red
Size :  Approx 15"x 10"

Weight : Approx : 0.4lb
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Package includes:
2 pcs Baking Tray Sheets Mat

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