Mens Casual Jacket with Pockets

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This is the perfect layering piece for all seasons.  Wear it over a tee shirt for a great look any time of the year or as a light weight jacket.  Either way the details on this shirt jacket make it a great addition to your wardrobe.

Mens Casual Jacket with Pockets

Material : Cotton Blend

Fitting : Regular

Design :Button Front Dual Pockets

Color : Black, Gray, Beige

Size : S, M, L

Measurement :

Size         Shoulder           Chest               Sleeve                 Length

S             17"                     42"                   22.5"                   26.5"

M             18"                     45"                  23.75"                  28"

L              19"                     47.5"                24.5                     29.5"

*Measure lying flat. There may be slight differences in measurements.


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