Mens Casual Trendy Blazer

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When the time comes to dress things up a bit, do it on your own terms with this blazer. This two tone jacket is made to give you the formality you need without feeling stuffy - wear it with your favorite button-down shirt and dark pants, or rock it with a T-shirt and jeans. Wherever you need to go, this versatile piece will take you there.


Material : Cotton Blend 

Color : Light Gray or Dark Gray

Size : XS, S, M, L

Measurement : 

Size              Shoulder               Chest                 Sleeve           Length

XS                 16.5"                      38"                      23.5"              26.35"

S                    17.35"                    41.5"                   24"                26.75"

M                    18"                         44"                     25"                 27.5"

L                     19.75"                    47.5"                  26"                  28.5"             


*measurement maybe slightly different due to measuring method