Non Stick BBQ Grill Mats - Cook Vegan & Meat in Peace

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Flexitarian meet vegan. Now you can share the special grilled flavor food gets on the grill without fear of veggies meeting meat. These reusable mats will keep the peace between your pure vegan friends and your meat-eating barbarian friends. 5 mats included and use them over and over. Works with grills, electric ovens and microwaves. 

- Reusable grilling mats ( up to 100 times)
- Non stick coated PTFE surface
- Temperature range from -70 to 260 Celsius
- Simple to clean, soap and water
- FDA food grade tested

Material: Coated Fiberglass Fabric PTFE
Thickness: 0.2 mm
Temperature withstand: -70 to 260 Celsius
Size per mat: 15.7 x 13 "

Set Includes 5 reusable mats


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