Dragon X5 Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Phone Gaming Controller for Android and PCs

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Ninja Dragons Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Controller for Android and PCs,

Support for Android / Win XP / 7/8/10 System with Bluetooth connection and for PS3 game console with wireless connection.

For smart phones / tablets / smart TVs, set-top boxes / PCs / PS3 game consoles.

The analog function L2 / R2 provides detailed experience, you can precisely control the game.

Turbo acceleration function is powerful and efficient for your game playing.

Multimedia functions in the mouse mode: volume down / volume up / play or pause / previous track / next track.

Last up to 10 hours on a single charge

Please download the V3 Shooting app in the Play store in order to use this device on your Android phone.

This device may not work properly for IOS 13.3 or higher.



Item type: Bluetooth Gamepad

Product: 6.30" x 3.94"  1.18"


Package Include

1x Bluetooth Gamepad

1x Charging Cable

1x Manual