Thunder Fire 2.4G Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Set

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 Ninja Dragon Thunder Fire Z1 LED Gaming Wired 2.4G keyboard And Mouse Set to Computer Multimedia Gamer


Keyboard Features Band:

  • Material: Plastic

  •   Mechanical wired keyboard with removable key caps. Easy to clean
  • Cooling gaming keyboard to offer the most comfortable gaming environment.

  • Subtle ergonomic design, the most subtle touch.19 keys with no breakthrough.

  • Anti-skid, with stand design, you can adjust the keyboard height.

  • The key cap using laser engraving technology, durable wear does not fade.

  • With the led light, even at night to experience the game is quite suitable.

  • More large drainage holes to be designed on the back,it is waterproof design.

  •  Unique S-Shaped ergonomic design, can effectively reduce fatigue and increase comfort.

  • Game exclusive optimization design, Ergonomically designed, comfortable to grip and use.

  • The upper and lower lid and the caps are made of high strength ABS plastic, can be an effective anti-violence and anti-beat frequency of use for high-intensity Gamer.

  • Feature: 3-colors LED, Crack keyboard,19 keys do not conflict

  • Backlight Operation: Fn+"↑" or "↓": Adjust the backlight brightness

  • Fn+Scroll Lock: Change the backlight color(Purple, Blue, Red)

  • Size: 48cm*19*2.8cm/18.90"*7.48"*1.10"

  • Keyboard Cable Length: 1.5m/59.06"


Model : Ninja Dragons Z1 Thunder Fire

Mouse Specifications:
Material: ABS
Tracking system: Optical 
Voltage rating /Electric current: DC 5V / 100mA 
Connection: Wired
Cable length: Approx. 140cm
Port: USB 2.0 
DPI: 1200/1600/2400/3200/5500DPI
Switch Life: 10 million cycle
Buttons: left, right, scroll wheel, DPI, fire key, advance, retreat
Light effect: colorful 
Support System: Windows 7/8/10/2000/XP/Vista Mac OS or latest

Package Include:

  • 1pc Keyboard(with retail package)

  • 1PC Mouse


    15 Day Warranty

    If product does not function during the warranty period or workmanship defects.  Charges may apply for services. 

    Does not cover:

    Water damage of any kind.

    Crash damage, fire damage caused by non manufacturing factors.

    Incorrect use, damage by operation that does not follow instructions

    Damage by weather or environmental issues that hinder operation

    Damage by alteration, or any operations that is not within the safety or proper use of the item.

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