12" Portable Mobile Phone Curved HD Screen Amplifier

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Turn your mobile phone into a HD Curve Screen Home Theater with this Mobile Phone Amplifier.

Turn your mobile phone into 12" personal cinema with this Curved HD Magnifier Screen.

HD quality with 12" screen effect.

1、HD Screen: New curved phone HD screen amplifier, large field of view HD zoom screen reduces radiation.
2、Zoom in 3-4 Times: 1:1 clear original picture is enlarged 3~4 times. 

3、Easily adjust angle for better viewing

4、Prevent Slipping: It can effectively prevent the phone from slipping. 

5、Strong Pressure Resistance

Screen size: Approx 12"
Product size: Approx .84*6.3*0.79"
Material: Acrylic lens + ABS housing
Applicable models: general
Available colors: black
Packing List:
1* Amplifier
1* Bracket
1* Instruction 

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