Cat and Dog Door with Security Door Flap Medium Size

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Allow your cat or dog to freely to come and go with this versatile 4 way locking pet door.  Sun and fresh air for your pets and mental stimulation is just through the door.

Easy instructions to specify either 1 of the 4 lock settings, can be easily adjusted by the bottom latch.  Lining of door prevents drought, great for your cottage or home.

1. Door is locked from both sides, can't go in or out.
2. Door is completely open, cat or dog can come in or out.
3. Or dog or cat can only enter from the outside but not go out again
4. or dog or cat can go out but can not get back in (this way other animals can't enter)

M size:
Frame: W - 8.7"x H - 7.6" x T - 2.2" 
Flap: H - 6.3" x W - 5.9" 
Cat or Dog Size: up to 15.4 lbs
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