DIY Bamboo Sushi Rolling Mats

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DIY Sushi Bamboo Rolling Mats and Rice Paddle. For the adventurous out there that like their sushi fresh. Everything you need to become a pro.


  • 2  sets included
  • The bamboo sushi rolling mat, known in Japanese as a makisu, will help you achieve perfectly even rolls of maki every time

  • Bamboo mats are bound together with twine and provide a non-stick surface for easy rolling

  • Instantly impressing family and friends

  • Also included is a rice paddle which is used for mixing rice vinegar into the sushi rice without snapping the grains; metal spoons should not be used when mixing sushi rice for this reason

  • It's also great when preparing other dishes as the wood will not damage non-stick and other cookware.

  • Size: Approx. 24cm x 24cm/(9.45" x 9.45")

  • Color: as pictured

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