Electric Warming Fleece Throw Blanket for Car

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Electric Warming Fleece Throw Blanket for Car 

Another must have for your car. Not just to cozy up on a drive, but more importantly as part of your road emergency kit. 

Made from soft fleece fabric this electric heated car throw is perfect companion for any road trip.



  • Soft comfortable feel
  • Ideal for car rides, road side emergencies, camping
  • Temperature control, up to 50 C/ 122F
  • Fast heating capability, heats up in 3-5 minutes
  • Universal plug works for all vehicles 
  • Power 12 V


Color: Black & White
Material: Fleece fabric
Dimensions: approx.43.30" x 59.01"
Cable Length: approx. 78.74"

Power: 12V
Product Weight: 2.14 lbs
Feature: Temperature Control


Note: When vehicle is turned off, please unplug the heated blanket.


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