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Men's Slim Fit Layered Vest - AmtifyDirect

Men's Slim Fit Layered Vest

$19.95 $39.95


Take advantage of a great price on a discontinued vest. 

We only have a few left in a few sizes so get them while you can!

This layered 4 button vest features a modern fit and wear-ability with a variety of shirts and pants, nice or jeans. This vest goes with the work day and the times when you just want a special look while you're out with your crew.

Mens Slim Fit Double Layered Vest

Material : Cotton Blend 

Color : Brown / Black

Sizes : XS, S, M

Size                     Chest                  Length

XS                       34"                       23"

S                          36"                       25"

M                         38"                        26"

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