Men's Winter Army Hooded Coat

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One of our bestselling hooded winter coats, with this super warm rugged one you’ll be waiting for winter to bring it on. Made for work and play, it’s a coat you can wear to the store or to chop wood.


Army Style Coat with a warm inner lining 

Color : Khaki, Black, Army Green.

Material : Cotton Blend, Polyester, Nylon

Size : XS, S, M, L

Size                 Shoulder              Chest                Sleeve                  Length
XS                    17.79"                 42"                     25"                        28"
S                       18.50"                 44"                    26"                         29"
M                      19.25"                 46"                    27.15"                    32"
L                        20"                     48"                    28.5"                      34.5"
*Measurement may be off slightly due to manufacturers measuring methods.
**This item is narrow fit 



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