Mini Portable Heater Tube

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Mini Portable Fan Heater Tube

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Product Weight:  Approx 1.1lb
Product Specifications:  6.5" x 5.7" x 3.3"
Power supply AC110V-240V, 50Hz/60HZ
Product Overview: There are temperature display and time device, which can be timed and the time is 1-12 hours.
There are four buttons. Press "+", "-" to adjust the temperature; Speed cut can adjust the speed, Timer function.
There are red switches on the sides of the product.
Convenient and portable: plug directly into any power socket.
Save space and be easy to carry.
Suitable for: indoor heating, personal small space, dormitory, office, camping (as long as there is a socket), basement, garage, etc.
Please allow approx 1" different due to manual measurement.
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