Plush Pet Dog Cat Fleece Bed Pad - 6 Sizes

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Warm plush dog & cat bed that is soft and comfortable that your pet will love to sleep or rest on.  


Material: Fleece, PP Cotton (filling), Oxford cloth
Colors: Green, Orange
For: cats, dogs

S: (ideal size less than 11lb) 17.7*13.8"
M: (ideal size less than 22lb) 22.8*17.7"
L: (ideal size less than 33lb) 26.8*21.7"
XL: (ideal size less than 55lb) 31.5*25.6"
XXL: (ideal size less than 62lb) 37.4*29.5"
XXXL: (ideal size less than 77lb) 43.3*33.5"

Package included:
1 x Pet Bed




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