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Portable 12V Tire Inflator Pump Air Compressor with LED Light

Portable 12V Tire Inflator Pump Air Compressor with LED Light


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This multi-use Portable Car Tire Inflator Pump belongs in the trunk of your car, and in your home.  Perfect for emergency situations on the road the 14-foot-long power cord can reach any tire.

The built-in safety function-super bright automatic LED flashlight makes our car air pump perfect and safer for roadside emergency and night use. As long as you need to inflate any tire, this little gadget 12v air compressor is a must have.

Easy to use. Simply start the car ignition, connect the car plug to a DC-12 volt power outlet, set the required PSI, and wait for the display to stop flashing. Flip the switch on, and the inflator pumps air and automatically shuts off after reaching the set PSI.

This portable tire inflator is suitable for car, truck, SUV, motorcycle tires. Comes with three nozzle attachments for bicycles, sports balls, air cushions, pool toys and other inflatable products as well.


Package includes:

Car cigarette lighter power method:
1 x Air Compressor
1 x Air hose
1 x Power cord
2 x Connectors for different applications
1 x User Manual

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