Portable Camping Toilet

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This outdoor camping portable toilet is made for camping, boating and all your outdoor activities. Made from high grade durable material, can easily be taken with your on your outdoor trips. 20 Liter flushing toilet, featuring 10 liter fresh water supply. Waste tank can sustain 2-3 days of using.


Type: Flushing Portable Toilet
Materials: HDPE
Color: Grey
Filling Weight: Approximately 15kg

Size: Approx. 13.4"L x 16.1"W x 16.7"H

Weight Bearing: 200KG (max)

Use: Camping, RV, Hiking, Fishing, Boating and other outdoor activities


  • 10 Liter fresh water tank (top) & 20 Liter waste tank (lower) can sustain 2-3 days of using.
  • Easy cleaning, and provides extra weight bearing.
  • Flush water nozzle
  • Tanks are connected securely with two side latches
  • Small and portable
  • Adult Size

How to Use:

1. Use fresh water to fill tank.

2. Open the toilet cover & pull out the valve.

3. To flush, press the air pump.

4. After using, must put covers down & pull in the valve.

Package Included:

1 Unit - Portable Toilet


Please pull out the valve before using.

Color may vary in difference depending on computer.

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