Portable Bluetooth Wireless Laser Projector Virtual Keyboard for Mobile Devices

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If you are looking for a trendy gadget to show off in a meeting or a presentation, this little gadget here is definitely something for you.

This laser point virtual keyboard connects through bluetooth and allow you to turn any surface into a keyboard for your mobile devices.

This device can turn into a mouse function with a single touch in the virtual keyboard. There's a button on the virtual keyboard that you with a single touch, you can simply use it as a mouse / pointer.

Product Features:


1. QWERTY keyboard layout

2. Mouse function

3. Portable design

4. Standard sized keyboard buttons and spacing for easy operation

5. Built-in rechargeable lithium polymer batteries

6. Compatible with the latest operating systems: Windows XP and above, Windows Phone7 and above, iOS4 and above, Android 2.0 and above, Mac OS X and above.

7. Bluetooth HID compatible devices:

iOS4 and above, Mac OS

Android 2.0 and above, Blackberry 10

Windows XP and above, PS3

Windows Phone 7 and above


Packing List:


1 * Laser Projection Keyboard

1 * USB charging cable

1 * manual

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