Puppy and Kitten Travel Shoulder Bag

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Pet Carrier Shoulder Bag - Travel with your Pet has never been easier.

Material: Mesh Fabric + Nylon
Size:  1 Size : 15.7" x 11.8" x 3.3"
Fitable Weight:  less than 10 lb

1. Features durable Vegan Leather, Canvas and breathable mesh: Durable and lightweight. This pet shoulder bag provides a cool and comfortable place for your pet’s staying.
2. Adjustable drawstring: Allow your pet easily obtaining fresh air and have enough space through adjusting the tightness.

3. Strap buckle, built-in hook and Velcro closure ensure the safety during transport. Hook can be attached to pet’s collar.

4. Wide shoulder strap: With the soft padded strap, this can make your shoulder feel comfortable while carrying your pet for a walk.

5. Zippered opening for easy access: You can carry your pet for walks, hikes or other daily travels conveniently.


Package Including

1x Pet Carrier Shoulder Bag