Womens Knit Off Shoulder Top

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Whether you're off to date night or a stroll around town with friends, you'll love the sophisticated style of this Off-the-Shoulder Knit Top.  Pair this off-the-shoulder top with high-rise jeans, pair of sandals and drop earring for a casual-chic look or with a pencil skirt or pants for a dressier look.

Womens Knit Off Shoulder Top

Style:            Casual
Item Type:    Pullovers
Material:       Polyester,Cotton

Color: Red, Black, Pink, Gray

Size : S, M

Size           Length             Bust(stretchable)                      Sleeve 

S                22"                     33" - 34"                                     22.8"

M               23"                     37" to 38"                                   23.6"

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