Why Are We Each Other’s Enemies?

Why Are We Each Other’s Enemies?

Nothing happens overnight and neither did our current “at each other’s throat” mentality that permeates today’s discourse. We certainly all have major differences in thought, lifestyle, upbringing, and beliefs, but we always have. Now those differences, that we always debated and resolved, have turned into motivations for hate and anger. We’re angry at Them. It doesn’t matter who Them is, it’s Their fault.

Personally, I put a large amount of the blame on the entertainment news stations. They're playing for advertising dollars, and they frankly have no desire or incentive to report real news, that's boring. They’re businesses, they attract like-minded people, and feed those audiences the fodder, telling them what they want to hear over and over and over again. Journalism at its best. Social media is way worse, it gives widespread constant feeds of crap to make people think they hate each other. That we’re all so different. Politics? The art of being reelected.

Why do we let them play us? If we coached our kid’s lacrosse team with Them, met Them at a bar or some function, worked with Them or worked on a committee with Them, we’d be friends. We’d buy each other a round, we’d hug when the right team won.

Let’s try to stop ostracizing Them and blaming all of our and our Country’s woes on Them. It's up to us to be smarter about this because we’re not going to get any help from the enablers of Them. Let’s not let get played anymore, let’s recognize the true haters as the ones trying to divide us, they’re easy to find, search “money” and "power”.  

Notice there was no mention of political sides here? I’d be curious how many people read this thinking from their Them side, rather than a generic Them?

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