Our Story


amtify.com got started over eight years ago because we couldn’t find a single place to buy stuff that we liked, and we got tired of jumping from site to site to find it.  We wanted to offer a one stop clothing store that offered a choice of the trends men and women our age are looking for. 

We start with a complete range of reasonably priced mens and womens clothing. Outer jackets, classic and trendy styles, denim, cloth and puffer, vests and long. Womens dresses, tops, sweaters and blazers. Major mens selection of blazers, sweaters, shirts and tops, casual and dress.  All trendy and some alternative. Sorry, pleather only, but a lot of pleather choices.

We set some goals:

To provide a place where a dollar could be stretched and quality clothes could be bought so we could feel comfortable in the things we wear.  To let you look good and not spend a ton of money doing that, leaving some bucks in your pockets. 

To provide our customers with the easiest way to shop, using the technology we’re connected to.  Since about 90% of our customers buy straight from their devices, all of our sales prices are right there on the product page and any special deals are automatically applied at checkout so there's no need to enter coupon codes to get the best deal.  Having to enter codes to get the best price makes things harder, we wanted easier.  Save time, save money became a mantra for us.  That doesn't mean we don't run special sales and sign up offers, but it does mean that you'll get nothing but our lowest prices for anything you buy. We do have special “Member Only” offers but getting those is as easy as signing up.

To provide spectacular customer service, really great customer service.  We know we can’t make everyone happy, but we work hard to do that.

Bottom line - our goal is to build the best online shopping experience in the world for you. 


We welcome comments so we can make your shopping experience the best. Please send us an email at support@amtify.com with any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you!