Mens Dual Pocket Military Style Short Sleeve Shirt

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Whether you’re spending the day hiking  or just a trek down the street for a casual hangout, this is the perfect shirt. Pair this button-down shirt with shorts or wear it with sneaks and your favorite pair of jeans for a great casual look.

Mens Dual Pocket Military Style Short Sleeve Shirt

Material : Cotton Blend

Size :       XS, S, M, L

Color:     White, Blue or Black

Measurement :

Size                 Chest                 Shoulder                 Sleeve

XS                  36"                          15.5"                       8"

S                     38"                          16.5"                      9"

M                    41"                           18"                         9"

L                    46"                             19"                        9"

*measurement may be off by up to 1" due to measuring method


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