Amtify Rewards

For every order you place, you will receive 100 points for every $10 spent.


Here's how it works:

1. Join: Simply make a purchase to enroll in our Loyalty Program.
2. Earn: Receive 100 points for every $10 spent of your order value as a reward with each purchase.
3. Redeem: Use your accumulated rewards towards future orders. Redeem a $15 coupon for every 1000 points earn.

Earn more points

- Refer a friend! Give you a friend a $15 OFF $50 coupon and in return you will receive a private $15 OFF $50 discount coupon as well.

- Follow us on Instagram and get 50 points

- Share our deal on (formerly Twitter) and get 50 points each share*


How to Sign Up:

Use the sign up button that is located on the bottom left hand of the page.