Mens Winter Coat with Hood

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This warm and cozy hooded coat is a must for your winter wardrobe.
With the faux fur wrapped around the hood you'll be able to battle anything winter can toss your way, and in style!
Color : Beige, Black, Navy
Size : XS, S, M, L
Material : Polyester, Nylon, Cotton Blend
Measurement :
Size                 Shoulder              Chest                Sleeve                  Length
XS                    17.79"                 42"                     25"                        28"
S                       18.50"                 45"                    26"                         28.5"
M                      19.25"                 47"                     27.15"                   30"
L                        20"                     48.5"                   28.5"                    31.5"
Measure lying flat, please leave extra room for clothing. There may be slight differences in measurements.