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Mens Button Down Shirt

Mens Button Down Shirt


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It can be hard to do two things well at the same time. Like rubbing your stomach and patting your head simultaneously. Not so easy. So we gotta hand it to this shirt. It can be casual or professional, depending on how you wear it. And it's both stylish and comfortable. So that's four things it's good at. Pretty impressive.


Material : Cotton Blend

Fitting :    Regular

Color :     Gray, Navy, Blue, Green

Sizes :     XS, S, M, L

Measurement :

Size            Shoulder             Chest                 Sleeve              Length

XS              16.7"                    38.5"                   23.5"                28"

S                 17.35"                  41"                     24.35"              28.5"

M                18.35"                   43.5"                  24.5"                28.75"

L                  19"                       47.5"                  24.75                29"


*measurement maybe slightly different due to measuring method

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