Mens Casual Fit Denim Shirt

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Mens relaxed fit denim shirt featuring tapered collar with buttons.  Featuring one front pocking, can be worn tucked or untucked for a more relaxed look.


Fabric: Cotton Blend

Fit: Regular

Color Available: Blue

Size: XS, S, M, M+


Length: 27.16",  Chest: 38.58"

Shoulder: 17.12", Sleeve: 23.22"

Length: 28.70",  Chest: 41.73"

Shoulder: 18.30", Sleeve: 24.01"

Length: 30.31",  Chest: 44.88"

Shoulder: 19.48", Sleeve: 24.80"

Length: 31.10",  Chest: 46.44"

Shoulder: 20.07", Sleeve: 25.19"



 **Measured lying flat, please leave extra room for clothing. There may be slight differences in measurements.  

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