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Mens Hooded Street Style Zipper Jacket

Mens Hooded Street Style Zipper Jacket


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Mens Casual Street Style Zipped Up Breathable Hooded Jacket. Made with breathable material and make it comfortable to wear. 

This trendy jacket comes in Gray, Army Green and Black and from size small to large.

Material : Polyester 

Weight : Approx 1.8lb

Color : Black, Gray, Army Green

Size : S, M, L (Regular US Sizing)

Fitting : regular

Measurement :

Size              Shoulder             Chest                Sleeve              Length

S                   17"                     41"                     23.5"               24"

M                  18"                    44.5"                   24.5"                25

L                   19"                     48"                      25"                  25.75"


*measurement maybe slightly off due to the measuring method

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