Mens Polo Shirt with Collar

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With this slim fit Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt, you'll be ready to take on your day in casual style and bold confidence. Whether you're working hard in the office or hanging out with friends on the weekend, you'll stay comfortable thanks to the cotton blend fabric — and the classic polo look will easily become a staple in your wardrobe. Pair with skinny jeans and sneaks to match your laid-back personality, or dress it up a bit with chinos and a blazer.

Mens Polo Shirt with Collar

Mens Casual Slim Fit Polo Shirt with Dual Layered Sleeve Design

Material : Cotton Blend

Fitting : Slim Fit

Color :White, Gray, Black, Green, Navy

Size :  XS, S, M, L

Measurement : 

Size         Shoulder              Chest                    Sleeve                Length

XS             16.5"                  37"                        7.3"                     24"

S               17"                     38.5"                     7.5"                      24.5"

M              17.5"                   40"                        8"                        25"

L                18"                    42.5"                      8.35"                   25.5"

*measurement may be slightly different due to measuring method

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