Mens Button Front Shirt with Logo

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Showcase your personal style by updating this classic shirt and giving it an extra bit of edge with the logo on the front and sleeve. This shirt pairs easily with dress pants and a blazer; that being said, it's just as easy to wear this shirt with jeans or chinos. Whether you're meeting up with friends or heading to work, the cotton blend construction will give you soft, breathable comfort for all-day wear.


Material : Cotton Blend

Colors :    White, Blue, Navy, Gray,

Fitting :     Slim Fit

Size :       XS, S, M, L

Measurement : 

Size           Shoulder            Chest              Sleeve          Length

XS            16.5"                   37"                    15.35"          26.5"

S              17.35"                  40.5"                 16"               28"

M              18.35"                 42.75"                16.5"           28.5"

L                18.8"                  44.75"                17"              29"

 **Measure lying flat. There may be a slight difference in measurements.


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